Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer

Julia Keller

What if you lost almost everything that gave your life meaning?

What happens next?

That’s the stark question faced by Belfa Elkins in The Cold Way Home, the eighth novel in the critically acclaimed series. Bell has lost her job as prosecutor. She has lost her beloved sister. And for a time, she even lost her freedom.

Now she must rebuild her life, step by step, and she must do so in the brooding shadow of the mountains.

When she’s asked to help find a missing teenage girl, Bell is thrust into the middle of a savage murder case whose roots reach deep in the haunted soil of Appalachia. Near the ruins of a psychiatric facility where forgotten souls were once at the mercy of a ghastly real-life medical procedure, a dead body is found.

The Bell Elkins series is a captivating, lyrical blend of gritty crime fiction and poignant family drama, of topical social issues and timeless human truths. Within one woman’s story, the story of West Virginia—bleak and battered yet beautiful—spreads its wounded radiance like a sunrise over those mountains.

Previous books in the series:


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"Gritty, literate"

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"A joy to read"

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Julia also writes a science-fiction series set in the 23rd century called The Dark Intercept. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if the government could monitor your emotions—and use them to control your behavior—then this is the series for you.

The books in the trilogy:

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